Hope Village

Hope Park is in the very early beginning stages of development. The idea came out of the need for housing for the homeless in our community. Hope Park is currently building its first Tiny House to be used as a shelter for an individual or small family that finds themselves unsheltered. Each Tiny House will be 8ftx12ft and include a bathroom area, a sleeping area and small dining area. The homes will have electrical hook ups in much the same way as an RV would. The homes will have micro-waves and small motel sized refrigerators in them. Each house will cost under $7,000 and will be built on a trailer so they can transported to other communities when needed.


The plan is to build 14 tiny houses. Ten of them will eventually sit in a small village that will be named Hope Park. These 10 tiny houses will surround a larger common building that will house the bathrooms, showers, kitchen area, a family room type area, a meeting room, workshop and possibly a retail store where residents of the village can sell the items they create in the workshop.


Our mission is to provide housing that allows those that find themselves in a hard situation to have privacy and dignity.


You can check out Hope Park at www.HopeParkChippewaFalls.org or through its Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/HopeParkChippewaFalls/

Annual Free Clinic

Every Fall Landmark Christian Church, in partnership with Touched Twice United, offers a Free Clinic for our community members. We gather together on the third Saturday in October and transform out building into a place where community members will receive both a physical touch and a spiritual touch. All services are free and have included; free oil changes, family photos, chiropractic services, physician services, nursing services, eye exams, eye glasses, massage therapy, hair cuts, a hot meal, groceries, a children's gift area, financial counseling, spiritual counseling and prayer.
We invite you to join us this fall, whether as a volunteer or a person seeking services!

Photo by AlexRaths/iStock / Getty Images

Mission Coalition

The Chippewa Falls Mission Coalition is made up of a group of churches and community organizations. There are currently 17 Chippewa Falls churches involved in the Coalition. The churches and organizations meet on the first Monday of each month, from 5-6. The location changes each month.

The coalition strives to unite congregations of all denominations as we bring Heaven to Earth in the Chippewa Valley and globally.

The Coalitions does a number of projects together each year and have some projects that are ongoing. The annual projects include Food For Kidz rice packing, an event that has sent over a million meals to Haiti. A Lather with Love event that collects soap products for our local food pantries and a Soles4Souls event that collects used shoes to be given to various ministries.

The two ongoing activities of the group are currently the Lighten Your Load laundry ministry, this ministry gives aid to those that may need help with the expense of keeping their wardrope laundered. The second ongoing activity is Hope Park, Hope Park provides tiny houses for those that find themselves unsheltered.


Carelink is an association of local churches which provides emergency assistance to those in need. We provide gas cards and other kinds of assistance along with resource information and spiritual support.