A Simply Christian Church

Why does Landmark Christian Church just call itself a "Christian" church? To answer that question, one must understand the history and purpose of the Restoration Movement (also called the Stone-Campbell movement), which is our heritage.

The Restoration Movement began in America around 1800 focused on the goal of restoring the church to the order and ideals pictured in the New Testament. The two primary concerns of the movement's founders were:
The unity of all Christians based on the core elements of the Gospel.
An uncompromising commitment to the Bible as God's inspired, authoritative Word and the Church's only rule for faith and practice. 

The founders believed it was the various human creeds and denominational structures that most divided Christians and that division within Christianity was the greatest hindrance to the church fulfilling its mission - the evangelism of the world.  If Christians could unite around the core elements of the Gospel and a commitment to the Bible alone being the church's authority (not manmade creeds and structures), then the door would open to evangelistic revival.

The originators of the Restoration Movement didn't want to make a new denomination but wanted to simply be Christians following Christ - not form a new "brand" but instead return to the original "brand" from the New Testament.  Hence, our churches are typically called simply "Christian Churches" or "Churches of Christ."

The following slogans or mottoes were adopted by the Restoration Movement, and helped to capture the essence of what the Movement was about.
"No creed but Christ."
"The Bible is our only rule of faith and practice."
"In essentials unity, in opinions liberty, in all things love."
"Where the Bible speaks, we speak. Where the Bible is silent, we are silent."
"Not the only Christians, but Christians only."

This vision of a unified, non-denominational church following the faith and pattern of the New Testament captured the imagination of thousands and became the fastest growing Christian group of nineteenth century America, spreading all over the United States and the world. Today, in all of her expressions, the Restoration Movement remains the largest Christian group indigenous to America. 

At Landmark Christian Church we carry forward this legacy of back-to-the-basics, Bible-based, unity-seeking Christianity - not a new brand but the same brand started by Christ and the apostles 2,000 years ago.
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