Khun Yuam Christian Hostel

In 1989, Buddhist monks came to Northern Thailand and took a majority of the Hmong children away from their families to be educated in schools in Southern Thailand.  Many of the families were Christians, but they allowed their children to go with the monks since there was nowhere else for them to recieve an education.  The local Christian leaders came to Somphet and asked if there was anything he could do to bring their children back home safely.  The solution was to build a hostel for the children to live while they attended school.  Initially it consisted of three small huts, one for Somphet and his family, on for a kitchen, and one for the children to live in.  The hostel has been very fruitful since it began.  Currently there are almost 90 children living there.  It has also helped develop youth leaders to work with the local churches.  Many children have been lead to Christ.  

Photo by Sarah-Jean/iStock / Getty Images

Food For Kidz

Landmark Christian Church has been involved with Food For Kids since 2007. A group of young ladies from the Acts 29 ministry participated in a rice packaging event at the National Missionary Convention and decided they wanted to bring this project back home with them. This year will be our 9th year packaging meals with Food For Kidz – we have sent well over 1,000,000 meals to Haiti during that time. Food For Kidz has no become a community event. We work with the 17 churches involved in the Chippewa Falls Mission Coalition, the sports teams in our school district, civic organizations and any citizen, no matter their age, to help feed those in need. Some of the food stays right here in our community and is distributed via the community food pantries, while the majority of the food is sent to Haitian Christian Mission in Fond’s Parsian, Haiti